Doing Art with Nature - Ideas

Ready to take on Earth Week challenge day FOUR?!?!


Whether you are a pro-level designer or can barely put sticks together to make your initials (me-see above)...arts and crafts can be extremely therapeutic. Bonus points - you can use nature! 


Start one Nature Do-It-Yo'self Project - maybe finish - maybe share that you started and finish it later!


Share your progress with us on social media! Tag #gdearth and @grounddownearth.


There are so many creative ways we can do art WITH the Earth. There are a lot of newer fashion companies that have practices devoted specifically to building around sustainability (Rothy's and Girlfriend Collective immediately come to mind). 

So why shouldn't we have a go at it ourselves? 
How complicated you make this project is up to you!

What we want: to see you interact with nature in some capacity. It is after all THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF EARTH DAY!


Below are some ideas for you to use as inspiration. There is at least ONE that I know I can do, and I'm really not art savvy (in case I haven't mentioned that yet).

If you end up using one of these, great. If you end up doing your own thing... would you mind sharing it with us?! We find inspiration through your passion and love that you're so cool! 

Without further ado...

1. Bird Feeder

easy bird feeders


2. Watercolor Leaf Prints

water color leaf prints


3. Make your own paint brushes

make your own paint brushes

4. DIY Sundial

diy sundial


5. Carton critters

p.s. you can compost egg cartons (hint hint)

carton critters


6. Write your name with nature

name with nature

7. Twig-tac-toe

homemade tic tac toe

8. DIY Twig Frame

Make a DIY twig frame


9. Draw something you see and color it in!

I did not do this drawing...but I WILL try this tomorrow

draw and color it


That's all I've got in my creative bucket. All of these look like a ton of fun and if you have kids I think it counts as double fun (count it as Art Class). 

Good luck! Share them with us!!! 

#gdearth @grounddownearth



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