Plant Based Meal Ideas

Ready to take on Earth Week challenge day two?!?!

Whether you are a plant based expert or beginner fresh recipes are helpful during our epic long stay at home!


Eat one plant based meal 


Share your finished product with us on social media! Tag #gdearth and @grounddownearth.


We thought it could be fun to spice up day 26 of quarantine with a new dish!

Plant based is a way to enjoy what the earth has to offer and be mindful of greenhouse gases. We particularly love plant based because everything is easily compostable! 

Below are recipes and ideas for you to add in plant based to your day.

For our challenge, you only need to document ONE plant based meal.
If you eat multiple, please share!! We love your style and want to share with the world! 


  • Plain cheerios (or granola), oat milk, scoop of peanut butter


  • Toast - check to make sure your bread does not have milk (most don't)
Sweet: Peanut butter, banana, cinnamon

Savory: 1/2 lemon squeezed, 1.5 Tbsp tahini, salt + pepper to taste, top with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or walnuts (you can always do avocado)!


    • "Monkey Salad": Banana, coconut flakes, cashews

      monkey salad


      • Veggie burger, salad with dressing

      veggie burger

      salad dressing options

        • Sweet Potato + Quinoa Salad 

        sweet potato + quinoa salad

          Afternoon Snack

          Apple + Peanut Butter

          apple peanut butter


            Crackers + Hummus



              Chickpea Baked Rigatoni

              baked rigatoni

              Save recipes below - or pull photos from facebook

              baked rigatoni 1    baked rigatoni 2


                Endangered Species Chocolate

                endangered species

                Double chocolate cookies - recipe from Loving it Vegan

                chocolate cookies



                Those are just a few ideas! Please please please do not feel obligated to use any of those as your actual meals. Eat any plant based meal of your choice and share it with us!

                Happy Earth Week!

                Keep up the great work sustainable warrior!


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