Missed or Delayed Pick Ups

If your bucket is not outside on the agreed upon date and time, we will not offer a "make-up" pick up. If you are going to be out of town or need any modifications, we will accept schedule changes if provided 7 days in advance. 

There could be shifts in pick up days depending on holidays, weather or our team's vacation schedule. Those will be notified at least 7 days in advance when possible.

Subscription Renewal
You are able to manage your own subscription, update frequency, pause or cancel at any time through your profile on our website.

Billing will occur on the 3rd day of the month with a buffer of 18 days. If you subscribe within the 18 day buffer you will not be charged until the next 3rd of the month.

e.g. You subscribe on Friday 3/27/2020, you will not be charged again until 5/3/2020
Compost Rewards
Rewards will be available once our first round of compost is ready! 

Rewards will be given as discount codes based on your initial sign up date. The value of the discount will be based on the weight of food scraps you collected.
You will receive your reward code for compost product via the email address that you have signed up on for your subscription!